Evolution Can Help You Achieve Weight Management Goals and Hormonal Balance

By Karen McBride
Published by Dunndeal Publications
August, 2018

Evolution is a Functional Medicine Practice specializing in hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, personalized lifestyle medicine, and nutrition programs. Erin Bolton, President and Functional Medicine Specialist, holds a board certification in Obesity and Weight Management by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Many times patients seeking help from Bolton have already been to endocrinologists, OBGYNs, and other doctors looking for cures to their issues with weight or hormonal imbalance. However, the doctors may prescribe pills that only affect one small part of the problem.

Bolton looks at the patient’s overall health to get a better picture of the cause of the weight or hormonal problem. It may be caused by behavioral habits, stress, food sensitivities, or a hormonal imbalance. In-depth lab work is performed on blood, saliva and urine samples, and bloodwork is drawn and monitored during the course of treatment.

“We are a small business so we cater to our patients. We look at the whole picture to get to the bottom of their weight and hormonal issues.” said Bolton.

Changes in nutrition, exercise and even stress management can have a great effect on a patient’s health and well-being. The practitioners at Evolution can help patients on a daily basis to manage and even reverse chronic illness through programs, such as nutritional planning, detoxification, and hormone replacement therapy.

Processed foods contain excessive amounts of fat, sugar, salt and chemicals that cause a patient’s body to malfunction. Small steps, such as eliminating processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, along with Evolution’s Revolutionary Protocols can get the patient back on the right path. The professionally supervised medical weight loss program helps the patient to safely reach his/her goal to lose weight. The program includes:

• Customized weight loss plan
• Nutrition planning
• Pharmaceutical grade/ FDA monitored Body detoxification, Dietary supplementation, and Vitamin supplementation
• Hormone replacement
• Healthy exercise regimens
• HCG program
• Fat burning Injections
• 24 hour patient support
• Food sensitivity testing, neurotransmitter testing, hormone testing, nutrient deficiency testing, adrenal fatigue testing
• FDA approved appetite suppressant

Patients suffering from hormonal imbalance, malabsorption, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, and other ailments have benefited from the program.

Offices are located at:
• 5633 FL-54, New Port Richey, FL 34652
• 5420 Land O Lakes Blvd, Suite 101, Land O Lakes, FL 34639

For more information, call (727) 312-4126 (New Port Richey office) or (813) 333-5593 (Land O Lakes office) or go to http://www.evolution4health.com/.

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