Cru at USF

By Karen McBride
Published by Dunndeal Publications
August, 2016

Cru began as a vision from God for Bill Bright to start an organization for students to learn about Jesus. The ministry began in 1951 as Campus Crusade for Christ and is now known as Cru. Bright often said, “If we reach the campus today, we can reach the world tomorrow.” This idea has spread to campuses across the world.

For over 20 years, Cru has given the University of South Florida (USF) students an opportunity to meet other students and to study God’s word with weekly meetings and bible studies. The Christian organization encourages young men and women to make a difference in their community with volunteer opportunities, mission trips, and learning how to spread God’s word.

Dan Luddeke, and his wife Anna have been members of the Campus Field Staff at USF since 2010. Dan first heard of Cru when he was a sophomore at USF. He met John Schneider (Director for Cru in Tampa) at a table on campus where he was handing out flyers. Dan began to attend conferences, retreats and to grow in his faith. It was during a mission trip to Durban, South Africa, where he and a team were working at universities, when God placed on his heart to be part of the ministry to help college students grow in their walk with God.

Anna Luddeke’s parents have been on staff at Cru for over 30 years. She was able to witness first-hand how formidable the college years are for a young person and the difference it makes when God is in their life.

“The various influences that surround students on campus often make it hard for them to grow spiritually and that’s why our we are there,” said Dan Luddeke.

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