Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. But don’t fret, it is possible to do it yourself, if a wedding planner is not within your budget. The key is organization. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Budget – Determine your budget and leave a little cushion in the event you go over it.
  2. Guest list – Create your guest list now. How many guests will be attending? Do you really need to invite Uncle Harry from Minnesota, if your wedding is being held in Florida? You may choose to invite only relatives that are in the area to keep costs down.
  3. Theme – Determine the theme for the wedding – country, formal, or barefoot on the beach.
  4. Location – After deciding on the theme for the wedding, you need to look at locations. Plan to see at least 5 different locations before making a decision. Prices can vary drastically. This is why it is important to have an accurate number of guests, so you will know what size room you need.
  5. Wedding dress – Once the theme and location are determined, then you can begin the most important task – finding the wedding dress! There are so many styles to choose – full or tea-length, satin or lace. The color choices used to be limited to white or ivory, but now there are many options, including black.
  6. Bridesmaid dresses – More people are choosing different styles for each bridesmaid, rather than the traditional identical dresses. You may find that one style is not flattering on all body shapes, so this may be an option. The dresses can be the same color and made of the same material for consistency, but some girls may prefer a halter top, where others prefer strapless.
  7. Grooms/Groomsmen suits – If it is a formal occasion, suits or maybe even tuxedos should be worn. If it is less formal, you can choose to wear vests, with matching shirts and dress pants, or go completely casual in jeans and cowboy boots.


To be continued….