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Published Dunndeal Gazettes, February 2023

Jolene Lantz, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, has been working in the mental health industry and in ministry since 1999. She wanted to help people to recover from past emotional trauma through counseling and the healing power of Jesus Christ. She moved from solo practice to a group practice in 2019, and Boundless Hope was formed.

The name Boundless Hope came from Romans 15:13: “May the God of hope fill you will all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

“I think what makes us special is we are clinically trained and are steeped in the Word. We have a diverse staff in so many ways – single, married, young children, no children, grandchildren. Ethnically diverse. We worship among a variety of denominations, obviously very united in salvation theology,” said Jolene.

The team has grown tremendously over the last few years. The goal has always been to diversify the dedicated team of professionals to serve the community with excellence. They truly work together as a team, spending a great deal of time each week in supervision, collaboration, and learning from one another.

Boundless Hope counselors treat patients as young as preschool all through to geriatric. Individuals, couples, family, and group counseling is available.

The counselors will use a variety of therapies to help their patients through the healing process. One such therapy is EMDR. EMDR stands for:

• Eye Movement- moving your eyes while you focus on an upsetting thought or memory. This engages both sides of your brain.
• Desensitization-Memories can continue to stimulate strong emotional responses and counseling seeks to reduce a person’s emotional responsiveness to them.
• Reprocessing-“God made our brains with the ability to process positive and negative emotional experiences in a way that leads to our growth, not destruction. Under certain circumstances, this natural processing is interrupted, malfunctions, or our systems are overwhelmed.” EMDR helps a person to reprocess past memories and redirect future behavior.

“One of the classic grounding or preparatory skills in EMDR is the container. The client, in an imaginary exercise, builds a container that holds any and all disturbances that have occurred in their life. Bi-lateral stimulation along with the facilitation of this exercise allows the client’s brain to help the client feel the relief that comes from containing their distressing feelings, uncomfortable physical sensations, and unwanted thoughts,” said Jolene.

God is really working in amazing ways at Boundless Hope! For more information, call 813.219.8844 or visit They offer therapy in English, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL).

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